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Welcome to the homepage of the European Aerobiology Society (EAS). The EAS was founded on August 14th, 2008, during the 4th European Symposium on Aerobiology. Aerobiology was not a new science, although its organization and international outlook was to be considered a phenomenon. As a matter of fact aerobiology became a theme in 1964, when IBP (International Biological Program) was established. Subsequently, in 1968, an International Aerobiology Working Group was constituted to coordinate all the national aerobiological programs.

4th ESA, Turku, Finland, 2008

Foundation of the European Aerobiology Society – EAS
The foundation of an association dedicated to aerobiology is not frequent, and therefore deserves particular attention. The European Aerobiology Society EAS was founded on August 14th, 2008, during the 4th European Symposium on Aerobiology, on board of the boat “M/S Viking Isabella” between Mariehamn and Turku. Not less than 83 persons and 5 associations acted as founders. This event had been carefully prepared by an ad-hoc working group nominated in 2006 during the 8th International Congress on Aerobiology in Neuchâtel: Rui BRANDAO, Jean EMBERLIN, Carmen GALAN, Regula GEHRIG, Auli RANTIO-LEHTIMAKI, Alicja STACH and Michel THIBAUDON. Bernard CLOT was asked to join this working group during a meeting in Poznan and to draft the statutes of the new association.

Our aims are the following:

  • to promote aerobiology and to further its development;
  • to facilitate collaboration, research, education, information, technical development and practical application in the field of aerobiology;
  • to create a platform for the persons, associations, societies and institutions with an interest in aerobiology in Europe;
  • to elect the body responsible for organizing the European Symposia on Aerobiology;
  • to encourage collaboration with other areas of science.

The Society shall be entitled to carry out any activity in accordance with these aims, such as organizing courses or developing educational programmes, coordinating or supporting projects, suggesting quality standards and quality control, encouraging young researchers and emerging networks, managing data bases, etc.” In particular, EAS aims at offering all the persons and associations active or interested in the field of aerobiology a common platform to support initiatives and projects at European level. The increasing importance of European science financing structures will make EAS a particularly important tool for the development of our science in the coming years.

With regard to International activities, the article three of the EAS statutes mentions that “the Society shall be affiliated with the International Association of Aerobiology. It shall also be entitled to affiliate itself with other associations in order to meet its aims”. Consequently, EAS individual member fees include IAA individual membership and electronic access to the journal Aerobiologia. EAS will then be an equivalent of the PAAA on the “old continent”, being oriented towards specific matters at European level, and will strongly support – and be supported by – all the works of the IAA. Of course, IAA will continue to be the “think tank” for aerobiology, to manage the scientific knowledge of this science and to have the lead for all activities of common interest to all aerobiologists.

The “real life” of EAS will be organised in the form of – and take place in – Working Groups; therefore all members are invited to join and contribute. Five WGs have already started their business: “European projects”, “Quality control”, “European legislation”, “Education” and “European Symposium”. The WG “European Symposium” will decide on the organisation of the future European Symposia on Aerobiology and the WG “Education”, among other matters, on the organisation of the European Courses in Aerobiology.

Board Members

  • Ingrida SAULIENE (Lithuania) President
  • Jordina BELMONTE (Spain) Vice-president
  • Letty de WEGER (Netherlands) General secretary
  • Regula GEHRIG (Switzerland) Treasurer
  • Gilles OLIVER (France) Webmaster
  • Michel THIBAUDON (France) Past President

Committee Members

  • Maira BONINI (Italy)
  • Lukash GREWLING (Poland)
  • Agnieszka GRINN-GOFRON (Poland)
  • Idalia KASPRZYK (Poland)
  • Donat MAGYAR (Hungary)
  • David O’CONNOR (Ireland)
  • Viktorija RODINKOVA (Ukraine)
  • Branko SIKOPARIJA (Serbia)
  • Carsten SKJOTH (Denmark)
  • Matt SMITH (UK)


  • Sevcan CELENK (Turkey)
  • Bernard CLOT (Switzerland)